Bend Soup Club is a local business bringing you our "Personally Crafted-One of a Kind Soups". Twice a month I create original and classic soups, drawing from my knowledge and 30+ years of culinary experience. Then the soup is placed in a returnable 32 oz. mason jar and delivered to your work or home ready to "Heat & Eat". This makes for a quick lunch option at work or an easy meal on a weeknight. Large and small special orders accommodated as well. Recently we made the Italian Wedding Soup for 100 guests at a wedding in Prineville. Whether it's a gathering in your home or office, or your special event; think of Bend Soup Club for all your Soup needs.

Matt & Deborah Couzens at The Les Schwab Amphitheater-Paul Simon 6/24/17

Matt & Deborah Couzens at The Les Schwab Amphitheater-Paul Simon 6/24/17


It all started when...

...three years ago at Jake's Diner I took over the responsibility of making the daily soup. Although I had never made soup before I knew right away I had found my passion. As I started creating original soups based on meals and foods that I had been cooking for years, people took notice. Soon after leaving Jake's to start a new endeavor feeding the students at The Growing Tree Children's Center, I realized that I needed an outlet to satisfy my creative cooking need. I made a crock-pot of soup once or twice for coworkers and people chipped in afterwards for the ingredients. From there, the idea for the Bend Soup Club blossomed.


The Inspiration

The Inspiration


Matt & Deborah...

After moving to Bend in April of 2005, Matt met Deborah while they were both working at Awbrey House Senior Living Facility. Four years later in a small ceremony on the top of Pilot Butte the two were Married. No kids, but camping, hiking, concerts, disc golf, and their jobs keep them busy. Both are employed in the Early Education Field. Deborah as a Pre-School Teacher and Matt as the Kitchen Manager both at local facilities.

Thank You...

I would like to take a moment to say "THANKS" to those who have Inspired, Helped, and Motivated in their own way, even though they may not be aware of the impact they have had.

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