Why the Glass Jars?

A few years ago I watched a documentary called, Plastic Paradise The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. At that moment I decided to try and reduce my contribution to this problem as much as possible. Limiting use of grocery bags, being conscious of packaging, and always recycling are some of the things I do to help. When I started the Soup Club it was obvious that Mason Jars were the only way to go.

soup jars.jpg


Our Commitment to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

St. Jude's has always been my go to Charity. Then at the beginning of November 2017 an Instagram post from Justin Wren @thebigpygmy caught my attention. A 9 year-old named Jacob Thompson was suffering from Neuroblastoma in Portland, Maine. He was not expected to see the end of the year let alone Christmas. His only wish was to receive Christmas Cards from anyone willing to send one. We sent two. I also sent a note saying that we would become a St. Jude Partner in Hope so that even after Jacob was gone, his Memory would live on in the form of our monthly gift. After celebrating Christmas early with his family, Jacob's battle with cancer peacefully ended on 11/19/2017. I will never forget his courage and strength.

Jacob Thompson

Jacob Thompson


Safety & Sanitation

My cooking experience covers 30 years and all types of restaurants. Fast Food, Diners, Bar Food, Short Order Cook, Pizza and Italian, Fine Dining, Baking, Prep, Pantry, Pastry, Institutional, Catering, Breakfast, Bar Back, Door Host, Bouncer, Manager and Dishwasher. I have done it all. The one thing that comes first in all these different kitchens is Cleanliness. I have had Food Handlers Cards in three different states and am currently ServSafe certified. Certificate #12641581. All jars are washed & dried then sanitized before they are filled with our tasty Soups. They are kept refrigerated and transported directly from the fridge with an ice pack until it gets to you.

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Just a few of our Soups: 

  • Stuffed Bell Pepper

  • Pumpkin, Sausage & White Bean

  • Bratwurst & Cabbage

  • Albondigas

  • Roasted Acorn Squash & Sweet Potato

  • Curried Peach Bisque

  • Summer Corn & Zucchini Chowder

  • Posole

  • Chicken Cacciatore

  • Roots of Curry

  • Loaded Baked Potatoes

  • 3 Birds, 3 Rice & a Quinoa

  • Roasted Veggies w/ Beer & Cheese

  • Fiesta Chicken w/ Chorizo

  • Chile Verde

  • Italian Wedding Soup

  • South of the Border Bean & Bacon

And Much, Much More!