Soup Delivery Will Be On The Second & Fourth Wednesday in July

Next Soup Delivery: Wednesday July 24th

Next Soup: Summer Corn & Zucchini Chowder

Current Soup Club Members: 20

Available Memberships: 4

How Soup Club Works

I make an original or classic Soup, cool it, jar it, and the next day it is delivered to either your Home or Workplace. After you enjoy the Soup, rinse the jar, and we will collect the empty jar when we drop off your next Soup. Kinda like the milkman did back in the day. The price is $20 per month. You will receive Two 32oz. jars of Soup per month. Soup Deliveries are on Wednesdays and you will receive a reminder email on Soup week. Deliveries are between 11:30 am - 1:00 pm or anytime after 2pm. If you prefer your Soup on another day check with us, we aim to please. Soup Club is limited to 24 Members so join Today!

In addition to Soup Club we also offer Custom Soup Orders Large and Small

We use gluten-free soup bases. Vegetarian, Vegan & Low-Carb options available.

We Would Love To Share Our Soups With You

Whether it's joining Bend Soup Club, ordering a Quart for an easy evening meal or a Gallon for the office, we are here for you. Soup is great for a Dinner Party, a Quiet Night in or a Wedding Reception. Fill out the form below for Bend Soup Club or email us at for a custom/special order and we will get back to you about the details. Soup Club is $20 a month for Two 32oz jars. Custom orders priced accordingly with the cost of ingredients. Prices on average are: $10-12 Quart, $40-$50 Gallon. A Quart serves 2 people, a Gallon is Eight 16 ounce servings.

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